Orange Painted Bedrooms

Orange Painted Bedrooms

Orange Painted Bedrooms
Orange Painted Bedrooms

Bedrooms painted in tangerine, bright and bold orange paint colors!

Globetrotter meets traditionalist in this boy’s space. Spicy oranges and a kilim rug mingle with classic furniture profiles and menswear-inspired fabrics; wild headboard upholstery keeps it from looking too buttoned down. The scheme broadcasts a sense of adventure and testing limits, and isn’t that what the teen years are all about? via McCroskey Interiors

orange teen cabin bedroom

If you want a more toned-down orange in your bedroom without going pastel, select an orange that has a good bit of brown in it, such as this coppery shade. HKW Designs, Inc.

modern contemporary orange bedroom

Orange is a fun, high-energy color, so it’s a terrific hue to wake up to in the morning. Bold color both attracts and distracts the eye. You can use color to call attention to an element in a room by painting it, or just the area behind it, an eye-catching hue. To deemphasize something simply paint it the same color as the walls or other items that surround it. Via Arnal Photography.

neon orange bedroom

This zesty orange hue is the perfect accent wall color in this bedroom. It packs a wallop but also serves as a nice backdrop to the other interesting elements. You can soften the impact of a bold accent wall by taking a cue from this sophisticated bedroom and work in a good amount of white and other light neutrals. via StudioBARON Design.

zesty orange glam bedroom

Here’s another bold bedroom accent wall, this time in a tangy orange. I’m a huge fan of wood-clad ceilings, especially in bedrooms, because they add such warmth and coziness. Via Hudson Street Design.

Tangy orange wall bedroom

Girls bedroom with walls painted a vibrant red-orange hue, inspired by a family trip to Guatemala. Via Rikki Snyder.

bright orange feature wall bedroom

A pink-orange wall is an appropriate backdrop for another piece of Nicholas’ art. Original wooden beams balance the saturated color. Via Rikki Snyder.

bohemian orange bedroom

Contemporary bedroom with accent wall painted in Benjamin Moore’s Electric Orange 2015-10.

Orange accent wall, Benjamin Moore's Electric Orange 2015-10

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