Black exterior ideas

Black Exteriors

Black exterior ideas
Black exterior ideas

Black Exteriors. Dark, clean lines. Modern, industrial, cool and elegant.

When you strip the structure of distractions like coordinating trim color to body color, the eye is forced to focus on the design. When that design is a good modern one, the effect of an all-black exterior is minimalist and clean. Quite the wow factor. From Giulietti Schouten Architects.

modern black exteriror building

Proposing an all-black exterior can be a little Stephen King scary for homeowners, and even designers. Breaking it up with white highlighting and a brightly hued front door helps the house get a warmer reception. From r.o.i. Design.

black modern one story exterior home

Shadows can provide an additional layer of detail and texture to a dark-colored exterior. Here the shadows help inform the size and repetitive nature of the columns framing the walkway. The distinctive white soffit offers visual directionality to the entry. Architecture Smith + Scully Ltd.

contemporary one-storey black exterior home

Before this most recent project, Devan completely renovated an 1880 Victorian farmhouse that he and his partner lived in, only a few blocks from their current home. “My neighbors know me as the guy that turned an old house white and a new house black,” says Devan. “I’m going to have find a new color for my next project.” Exterior lights: Shelter, Hinkley. From a.d.d. concept + design.

Large country two-storey black exterior in San Francisco with wood siding

Paint exterior woodwork – Black has long been used as a shade for treating and painting house exteriors. This old telephone exchange demonstrates how stylish it can look. Here, black window frames have also been installed for a very streamlined look, but you could take inspiration from the wooden homes dotting the beach at Dungeness in Kent and team a black wooden exterior with bright yellow window frames, or another hot, contrasting shade. From Stephen Turvil Architects.

two-storey black exterior home

Paint color information for the exterior of a contemporary two-storey home; Miller Paint Formula Match #11NW0590 actual formula: Acri-lite Velvet 7078 Exterior Finish B-9x C-36 i-1×12 Per Gallon. Giulietti Schouten Architects.

home with black painted exterior

Black painted country home exterior.

black exterior country home

He describes the paint-it-black strategy as adding instant cool. “You make a building black, and it instantly becomes a place for people wearing black. It’s a way of saying, ‘Aren’t we a hip place? Come in and buy a $12 cocktail.’” King notes that he has seen and heard of new or newly painted all-black buildings in places such as New York City and Austin, Texas. From Cabin in Fitch Bay, Quebec.

a scandinavian two-storey black exterior

When Steinman and Spry first saw the home, they knew right away that the site dictated a clean, modern style. The black exterior was inspired by a house Steinman saw in a magazine. Rusted steel, including a water-cut address plate, provides the only color out front. From Spry Architecture.

black exterior house in Phoenix

The cabin’s interior may be a study in white, but the cabin’s exterior is painted black — and not only as a contrast. The black exterior “blends in perfectly with the wooded surroundings,” Jim says. Most important, however, the cabin has become “a wonderful place for us to create memories,” Michele says. From Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd.

design ideas for a black exterior

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